Ballerina with Instructor
View of the South Window Dining Area
Self Portrait with Descriptive Text
Justin Rick & Mindy Eng
Hula Girl with Fire Extinguisher
View of South Corner
Lithuanian Family with Visitors
Five People Talking on Golden Background
Ballerina with African Warrior
Self Portrait in Lavender
Mother in Houndstooth with Child in Sombrero
Greek Dancers Sharing a Moment
An Irish Woman and a Filipino Girl Join the Conversation
The Empress with a Visitor
A Greek Warrior
An Indian Princess draped in Gold and Sheer Cloth
Flamenco Girl Twirling Dress
Family of Visitors Enjoying a Cultural Event
Hawaiian Girl Sending Off the Voyagers
Man With Soda
1900s Chinese Girl with Parasol.
Ballerina on Point
Warrior Protecting Princess
Lithuanian Family
Girl in Stocking Cap
Visitor in Yellow Scarf
Girl on Scooter with Flamin' Hots
Indian Princesses
Woman with Hoop Earrings
Ballerina with Instructor
Woman with Parasol
Two Figures
Flamenco Girl Twirling Dress
Chinese Emperor with V.I.P.
Regular Visitor enjoying Chicken
Artist Michael Pasier Looking Smooth
View with Interiror
Corner facing North
Detail Showing Descriptive Text
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